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It's no secret that Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is super private when it comes to her love life — especially now that she's pregnant with her second child. Kailyn has barely mentioned the growing bun in her oven, and she makes sure to hide her bump in all her pictures. After all, girlfriend deserves some privacy!

Unfortunately, a photo of Kailyn showing off her new bump leaked on June 14, and her co-star, Jenelle Evans was quick to post it on Twitter. The good news? Everyone got to collectively "Aww!" at Kailyn's growing belly. The bad news? Kailyn's husband, Javi Marroquin is majorly pissed at Jenelle.

"Some things I want to stay between friends and family not for your stupid Sulia links," Javi posted to Twitter on June 14, adding "no"  when a fan asked if Jenelle got Kailyn's permission before posting the picture.

We understand why Javi and Kailyn are peeved at Jenelle, but it looks like girlfriend has deleted the offending photo. Plus, let's not forget that Jenelle was simply re-posting the original story from whoever leaked it!

Girlfriend probably didn't realize she was doing anything wrong, but maybe she should have checked in with Kailyn before sharing such a personal pic...

Do you think Javi is being too hard on Jenelley? Weigh in below!

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