Credit: Twitter

Guys, we're worried. So, so worried. It seems as though Teen Mom 2 Gary Head's Twitter account has been suspended, and we have no idea where he is, what he's doing, or who he might be offending.

Up until recently, Gary was lighting up our lives with deep musings about love, grass-mowing, his passion for waking and baking, and his ex-fianceé, Jenelle Evans. But now? NOTHING. Radio silence.

We have no clue why Gary's been suspended from Twitter, but there are several possibilities. Gary could have gone slightly too far with his notoriously offensive tweets and was reported by a fellow user, or he may have published someone's private and confidential information. Oh, and it's always possible that he threatened one of his hommies, which is definitely grounds for a Twitter timeout.

Last time we checked on Gary, he was cheesin' at the camera and bragging about getting his tan on, so who knows what went wrong. Then again, let's not forget that this hunk has a somewhat troubled past. Gary suffers from a mysterious "disorder" that he has to be medicated for, and he's the first to admit that his behavior is unpredictable at the best of times.

We wouldn't be shocked if one of Gary's signature rants landed him with a suspended Twitter account, but here's to hoping that boyfriend is safe and sound. We miss you, Gary. Come back to us.

Source: Twitter