Credit: Instagram

Looks like Teen Mom 2’s resident baby fashionista, Aubree Houska, has a little secret — and it’s that she loves to pick her nose! While having some down time (either watching cartoons or catching up with the latest trends), mommy Chelsea Houska snuck up on the three-year-old tot and recorded her picking her nose.

Aubree doesn’t seemed too bothered by the fact that her mom is videotaping her. In fact, she looks as though she doesn’t even know it’s happening and she completely ignores her mom when Chelsea says “hey” to the kiddo. Moments later, Aubree realizes that her mom has caught her picking her boogies and she gives a surprised look.

But can we really be grossed out by the little diva’s hobby? Not at all. After all, kids will be kids and it’s also good to clear the nasal passengers now and again. Hopefully the Aubree will get in the habit of blowing her nose on a piece of tissue instead of mining for booger gold with her little fingers.

Then again, we have to admit that there are times with a tissue just isn’t enough. Yes, we went there.

Are you guilty of picking your nose, or are you just grossed out by the deed? Tell us below!  

Source: Vine