Credit: David Becker/Getty Images Photo: Farrah Abraham Shows Off New Boobs in Tiny Bikini on June 14, 2013

Looks like Teen Mom’’s resident porn princess, Farrah Abraham, is finally turning a new leaf, thanks to her DUI stint back on St. Patty’s Day. The reality TV star has since pleaded guilty to the charges and has been ordered to go completely sober for six months. Now, Farrah’s showing the world that she’s taking drunk driving very seriously.

Credit: twitter

“Take Drinking & Drugs seriously! the #MomInMe cares,” Farrah tweeted on June 19 along with a photo of a blood alcohol concentration calculator (she no doubt got as a result of her court case). Oh Farrah, if only you had taken drunk driving seriously before your DUI. Sigh...

It’s a good thing that Farrah’s all about turning her drunk driving debacle around. Since selling her porno Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom to Vivid Entertainment for over a million bucks, Farrah’s scored a few endorsement deals and appearances that requires her to travel — a lot. And to places with tons of booze, no less. Can you feel the temptation?!

So far, Farrah Superstar’s been doing fine …as far as we know. When the sentence came down on the little lady that she’s forbidden from the devil’s brew during probation, she responded:

"#No Drinking for #6 months #NoProblem , Now time to #Party:) !!"

Hopefully the #MomInFarrah keeps up this attitude long after her probations ends.