Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska Takes Selfie With Daughter Aubree on May 12 2013

Everyone knows that there’s nothing more fun about a mother-daughter joyride, than kicking back and jamming out loud to the latest songs. But for Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska and her three-year-old fashionista, Aubree, that’s probably not the case.

When Chel-Chel and Aubs went out for a ride, the South Dakota hair care extraordinaire decided to crank up the volume to Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Superbass,” and make a Vine vid. While mama Chels was having a great time singing along, Aubree (who rocked her fave pair of black shades) was clearly unimpressed and plugged her ears.

During her stellar rap segment, Chelsea turns down the volume and asks Aubs “do you like my singing.” The little diva’s response?


Poor Chelsea. If Aubree's got as much of an ear for music as she has an eye for fashion, then the Teen Mom 2 starlet has no hopes of making it in the music biz.

No worries, Chel-Chel definitely has her hair styling skills and killer fashion sense and new jewelry line to fall back on.

Did you think Chelsea sounded as bad as Aubree said or was the tot having a serious diva moment? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Vine