Credit: Instagram

It’s gotta be hard being Chelsea Houska. The Teen Mom 2 star is constantly being outshined by her 3-year-old fashion-forward daughter Aubree Houska, and now her French Bulldog, Betsy, can be found on iPhone screens across America.

But Chelsea’s really the enabler here. She’s the one who purchases those precious outfits for Aubs and edits the Vine videos for Betsy. With that much cuteness, what does she expect? Like, we know you’re an expert at applying a smokey eye, but do you have giant ears and wrinkles, Chelsea? Nope.

In this short Vine film, entitled “Always chillin,” Chelsea’s cinematic editing captures the complete spectrum of Frenchie emotion. From waddling to rolling over to passing out, Betsy is a complete natural. We really feel like she is, in fact, “always chillin.”

There’s a real market for French Bulldogs with this much talent. Come on, we know you’ve seen Due Date.

But perhaps Betsy wants to live a life away from the cameras, and who are we to force her into the spotlight? It seems a shame to waste such natural skills, but Betsy needs to make her own choices in this tough industry.

Do you think this Frenchie is a star? Watch the video and tell us below!