Credit: Instagram

Do you ever just wake up in tears because you know you’ll never look as good as Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska? Join the club. Homegirl is the queen of the smoky eye and her hair and makeup are always on point.

But on Sunday, June 23, Chel-Chel upped the ante with a glam new look. She debuted this show-stopping getup in Instagram, and we haven’t been the same since.

Seriously, our girl is looking extra fab with her long, wavy red locks, signature smoky eye, and a flowing pink and white dress. So what’s the special occasion? Does little Aubree have a model casting call for crewcuts? Not this week!

When a fan asked Chelsea if she was getting ready for a hot date, the Teen Mom replied, “haha nope! Wedding reception lol.”

Personally we think there’s no “lol” necessary, Chelsea! With a look that chic, you could have any man out there.

What do you think of Chelsea’s wedding reception style? Tell us below!