Credit: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

2013 has not been a good year for Jenelle Evans's estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. First this confederate flag lovin' hunk gets arrested for heroin possession and simple assault back in April, then he contracts a case of scabies (you know, the highly contagious condition in which bugs burrow into your skin?) and now he's been arrested again — while in prison. Sigh.

Courtland is currently being held at North Carolina's Brunswick County Jail (aka his home away from home), where he was arrested by the New Hanover County cops on June 4 for failure to appear on misdemeanor charge. You know what that means … another bond has been added to Courtland's bail — which brings it from $85,000 to a whopping $185,000.

Yikes! Why do we get the feeling that this backwoods baby daddy won't be getting out of the clink anytime soon?

Of course, Courtland insists that he's innocent (at least when it comes to his heroin possession and simple assault charges), so who knows? Maybe boyfriend will see the light of day after he and Jenelle head to court and battle it out.

And speaking of Jenelle, we assume she's thrilled that her hubby is stuck in the slammer. Not only has this gal gone on the rebound with a professional model, she's 100 percent sober, and spending more time than ever with her son, Jace!

Sigh, we'll keep you in our thoughts, Courtland. And we'll feel itchy while doing so.

Source: RadarOnline