Credit: David Becker/Getty Images Photo: Farrah Abraham Shows Off New Boobs in Tiny Bikini on June 14, 2013

Farrah Abraham may have just gotten double D's on her chest, but her report card for her alcohol education class is nothing but A's.

The former Teen Mom star passed her alcohol education class, which she agreed to when she made a deal with prosecutors earlier this month in exchange for pleading guilty to a DUI. Farrah was given 6 months probation and was ordered to complete this alcohol education course.

The porn star took her punishment well, and decided to take the course in Texas, where she lives, as opposed to Nebraska, where she was arrested.

And how cute, they even gave her a diploma certificate for finishing the class!

Congrats for that, Farrah. We hope you can walk the straight and narrow for a while now.

Source: TMZ

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