Credit: MSA/Splash News Photo: Farrah Abraham Unveils New Breasts at Sapphire Pool & Club in Las Vegas, June 2013

Good news, Kim Kardashian, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is imparting some of her endless wisdom upon you. Proceed at your own risk.

Soon after dissing Kim's baby's baby name, Farrah has now decided to award Kim with some dazzling mommy news — seriously, it's actually pretty good advice!

"The best thing to do when you are a new mom and you have a newborn is just to stay focused, passionate and loving about your home life," Farrah said. And just keep being successful in your career, and I don’t really think she needs me to say that; just you know, she needs support and to stay focused and healthy. She’ll be a great mom."

So while Farrah insists that her sex tape is better than Kim's, she's at least throwing her some mommy love!

Do you like Farrah's motherly wisdom? Who do you think the better mom is? Sound off in the comments below!


Credit: Spin Media Photo: Farrah Abraham Says the Darndest Things!