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Jenelle Evans just can't catch a break. This Teen Mom 2 starlet has only been dating her new boyfriend, model Nathan Griffith, for a little over a month, but they're already being hounded by false stories about their love life!

Word on the street is that Nathan's gay, a rumor that began after he allegedly posed for Entourage Bathhouse in Las Vegas, a gay-friendly bathhouse where men can meet up and get frisky.

Jenelle's already commented on the rumors by tweeting "Nathan is NOT gay," and now Nathan himself has taken it to the interwebs to clear things up. The consensus? Boyfriend is straight. In fact, he used to be married and says homosexuality is against his “religion."

According to Nathan, the Marine Corps would have kicked him out had he been associated with any pornographic material during his service. Furthermore, Nathan says his extremely religious upbringing taught him that being gay is a sin.

"I'm not trying to be a hater, but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah," Nathan wrote in a Facebook post that Jenelle put up on Twitter. "Um sodomy is against my religion, sorry to disappoint you." Nathan also adds that pornogrophy[sic] (gay or otherwise) is in violation of his modeling contract, and dude seems pretty peeved that he's having to defend himself.

"I proudly stood up and protected your damn rights so I could come back from a combat zone to get ridiculed and slander by the people I served so they could sit on their a— by a computer and talk sh—," he complained, adding "Congratulations and thanks for supporting the military."

So, what have we learned? Nathan isn't gay, but he is extremely bitter about the possibility that people think he might be. Sigh, why do we get the feeling that boyfriend had a bad day when DOMA was repealed? Hmm...

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