Credit: keek Photo: Farrah Abraham and Sophia Keek For Memorial Weekend

We were semi-shocked earlier today when it was announced that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had voluntarily checked herself into The Lukens Institute, a luxury Florida-based rehab facility for alcohol abuse. The porntrepreneur and mom to 3-year-old Sophia is scheduled to complete a 10-day outpatient program, and we stand behind her 100 percent.

After a DUI arrest last St. Patrick’s Day, Farrah’s life has taken some very interesting turns, like appearing in porno films and swapping texts with Charlie Sheen, but we’re happy to see that the reality starlet is trying to get a handle on things by getting the appropriate help.

Still, we can’t help but think about baby Soph — what will mom’s brief rehab stint mean for her? According to RadarOnline little Sophia will be cared for by Farrah’s dad, Michael, while her mom concentrates on getting better. While Farrah and Michael (as she not-so-affectionately calls him) have had a bumpy relationship, any Teen Mom watcher will tell you that Michael loves taking care of Sophia, and she loves him right back.

Even though Farrah is in an outpatient rehab program, we don’t know whether or not she will be seeing her daughter during this time. After all, Sophs is likely still in Texas with Michael while Farrah heals in Florida. Even though the time apart may be difficult, it seems like a good potential choice for everyone involved.

Do you think Farrah’s trip to rehab will have an affect on Sophia?

Source: RadarOnline