Credit: Twitter

We know some kids start drinking alcohol early, but age four is a bit early to be cracking open a cold one. So when Teen Mom dad Gary Shirley told his Twitter followers that his daughter Leah wanted a “beer,” we got a bit nervous.

After all, with her mother, Amber Portwood, currently serving a five-year jail sentence, life can’t be easy for little Leah.

Fortunately, it wasn’t what we thought.

“Leah drug in a case of Pepsi ‘saying she wants a beer’ lol.  I said ‘that's not beer’ she reply's what is it?” Gary tweeted on June 30.

We often mix up Pepsi for beer, and the taste can be jarring.

We know Gary would never let little Leah drink until she was of age. This baby daddy has been working overtime ever since Amber went behind bars.

There’s a chance that Ms. Portwood could be released early on account of good behavior, but that’s still months away.

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