Credit: Instagram

We didn’t think Chelsea Houska’s fashion-forward tot Aubree could get more adorable, but throw a puppy into the mix and you have perfection! In addition to planning Aubree’s fabulous outfits, running a jewelry website, and drinking lots of juice, these two have taken to volunteering a local humane society.

“Playing with a Great Dane at the Sioux Falls human society! So in love!!!!” Chelsea Instagrammed with a picture of Aubree playing with the pup.

There’s a solid chance that Chelsea’s daughter could ride that dog like a horse, but who are we to direct these Instagram photo shoots? (Editor’s Note: Chelsea, if you’re hiring, we’d like to submit our application).

Chelsea and Aubree have a pup of their own — a Frenchie named Betsy they added into the fold  after the tragic loss of their French bulldog, Frankie.

We love that these two are spending some time with less fortunate dogs. They should consider adopting another pup to keep Betsy company!

Do you think Chelsea and Aubree should adopt another dog? Weigh in below!