Credit: Kickstarter Photo: Katie Yeager Makes Music Video Debut in Kid Seuss's "Broken"

If there’s one thing that we love about Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager, it’s that she’s one incredible woman. The 20-year-old single-handedly packed up her 1-year-old daughter Molli and moved from Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah. Now the single mama is ready to mingle, but doesn’t quite seem to be finding the man of her dreams.

Katie can be often found on Twitter, whiling her time away wishing for a guy to date her (even though her pal, Sam Boyd, is definitely crushing on her). Could it be that being on Teen Mom 3 is ruining Katie’s dating life?

That awkward moment when your flirting with a guy and you friend kills your game by saying ‘She's on Teen Mom’,” Katie tweeted on July 2. Sigh.

While we definitely don’t think that the idea of being on a nationally broadcasted docu-series could really hurt anyone’s “game,” per say, the idea of being a single mom is a bit of big pill to swallow. But no worries. We have faith that the right guy for Katie is out there somewhere. Maybe he’s already in her life and she doesn’t even know it...

Cough, Sam, cough. Just sayin’.

Do you think being on TV is hurting Katie’s chances of getting a date? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Twitter