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You guys — we have an artistic genius in our presence. Naturally, we're talking about Teen Mom 2's pride and joy, Jace Evans, the adorable love child of Jenelle Evans. Turns out this little dude is pretty much the Picasso of Teen Mom Valley, and he's making masterpieces all over the place (by which we mean in preschool).

Credit: twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Takes Photo of Son Jace's Artwork at School

Please prepare your body for brilliance and check out this picture of Jace posing with his newest painting, which we've gone ahead and titled "A Study in Feelings and Emotions." Also, apparently this piece was co-created by some kid named Carson, whose skills are clearly inferior to Jace's. It's OK friend, not all of us can be masters of the universe.

We're thrilled to see Jace making so much progress in daycare — clearly he's thriving! And for all the naysayers who think Jenelle sacrificed her relationship with this kiddo when she moved to South Carolina, think again. Jenelle is obviously just as involved in Jace's life as she was a few weeks ago (when she lived at home)! In fact, Jenelle plans to take her son Jace to see a fireworks show for Fourth of July. 

What do you think of Jace's cute preschool artwork/future Louvre installation? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts on this kid's mad skillz!

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