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16 and Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham recently gave birth to her second child (an adorable little girl named Jayleigh!), but her life hasn't always been sunshine, roses, and baby vomit. This reality TV star has been through her fair share of struggles, and recently opened up about her past heroin addiction.

Danielle claims that she was addicted to heroin for three months — at which point her mother was taking care of Jamie Jr., Danielle's first son.

"It was horrible. I wasnt even myself. i was a nasty typical drug addict," Danielle posted to Sulia on March 3. Luckily, Danielle turned her life around when she became pregnant with Jayleigh, and she's currently clean and sober after quitting heroin cold turkey.

This gal has been pretty honest about her drug use, but does she plan on telling Jayleigh and Jamie Jr. about her past? Not so much.

Credit: Twitter

"I will never tell my kids about my heroin past. I want them to know their mother tried her best for them. Which is why i quit," Danielle tweetedadding "I dont want my kids to know the bad things i did. They dont need to know that stuff. Just that i was a great mom & did the best possible."

Since quitting heroin, Danielle's gotten her GED, started school, moved into her own house, and bought a car. There's no denying that she's on the right track, but should she really keep her past a secret from her kiddos once they're older? After all, they could learn from their mommy's mistakes!

Do you think Danielle should tell her children about her past drug habits? Sound off below!

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