Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout Meets Travis Clark of We The Kings

Did Taylor McKinney just put a ring on it for Maci Bookout?

After her dropping major wedding hints lately, it now appears there is a chance that Maci could be engaged, since she posted an Instagram photo of her wearing a ring on her ring finger at a We The Kings concert, where she met Travis Clark.

The Teen Mom star captioned the photo with: "Thanks for everything Travis, the show was awesome & youre still my favorite ginger! see you next time!" She's acting all cool about it, but we're all wondering if that is an engagement ring and why won't she talk about it?

The reality TV star had been dropping hints recently, tweeting random questions about weddings and such. But on a recent podcast, the 21-year-old denied that she was getting married.

"By no means getting married or engaged anytime soon," she said, and told her fans that if it does happened that she won’t lie about it.

Now that she's sporting a ring, she's not exactly lying about it, just not addressing it. Please tell us, Maci!

Source: Radar Online

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