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It’s no secret that Bentley Edwards is one of the cutest kids on the Teen Mom block. And why wouldn’t he be? This tot is the offspring of the gorgeous Maci Bookout and her studly baby daddy Ryan Edwards.

And now that the Bents is a whopping 4 years old (!!!!!), he’s looking quite grown up. It’s clear that this former reality star is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

Credit: Facebook

But which parent does he most resemble?

We see a lot of Maci in Bentley’s smile and ginger locks, but there’s tons of Ryan in his eyes and nose. Basically this cutie has the best of both worlds (just like Hannah Montana!).

It’s great that both of Bentley’s parents are still a big part of his life even though they broke up ages ago. These days Ryan seems to be living the single life and Maci’s loving her long-distance relationship with motocross rider Taylor McKinney.

But the question remains: Who do you think Bentley looks most like — Maci or Ryan? Vote below!