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Jenelle Evans has 99 problems and her lack of boyfriends ain't one. This Teen Mom 2 star is currently infatuated with her boo of two months, Nathan Griffith, who she's already declared her undying love to!

The problem? Girlfriend just happens to be married to a prison inmate named Courtland Rogers, who she got hitched to back in December 2012. Jenelle and Courtland were head-over-Uggs in love until they were charged with heroin possession and assault (good times!), and now Courty's in the clink while Jenelle loves-up on Nathan.

This gal's new relationship seems to have restored her faith in the man upstairs, and she's even taken to reading spiritual words of wisdom for recovering drug addicts — a habit which some haters think is slightly hypocritical. After all, isn't Jenelle committing adultery by shacking up with Nathan while she's still married? According to Jenelle's interpretation of the Bible, not so much.

"It's not a sin if one spouse has been unfaithful," she tweeted on July 10. "CR was unfaithful and we r separated."

We're hardly experts on the Bible, but we're pretty sure all forms of adultery are frowned upon. Then again, Jenelle makes a good point — why should she stay faithful to a man who cheated on her and reportedly assaulted her?

Do you think Jenelle is committing adultery, or does she get a free pass? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: Twitter