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It's a well-established fact that Jenelle Evans is better than all your faves, so obviously she spends a lot of time being hounded by the paparazzi. Not to mention eager-beaver fan-girls from North and South Cackalacky who want nothing more than to snap a picture of this bodacious Teen Mom 2 babe!

Jenelle's been notoriously protective about her privacy in the past, but it looks like she's taking things to a new level. Girlfriend wants you to stop taking her picture altogether — and if you don't listen, her boyfriend will most definitely put you in your place!

Jenelle and her man, Nathan Griffith, were recently hounded at a local McDonald's (way to cheat on Olive Garden, guys), which prompted Jenelley to politely tweet "No more pictures through the north myrtle beach McDonald's drive thru... Thanks!"

However, Nathan wasn't as sweet to his gal pal's fan base. "@GroundLevelUp [Nathan] totally just rolled the window up on someone that wanted my attention..." Jenelle tweeted. "Lol sorry we just want to eat and go home..."

Let the girl eat her Big Mac in peace guys, jeez! We know y'all want nothing more than to take photos of Jenelle binge eating beef patties, but clearly she wants her privacy … and Nathan will throw shade if you get all up in his lady's face.

Do you think Jenelle should let fans take pics of her at McDonald's, or does she deserve to keep her private life on the qt? Take it to the comments with your "feelings and emotions!"

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