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it out. The prize? None other than Nev Schulman, the completely adorable, handsome, and all-around perfect host of MTV's Catfish. No seriously, he couldn't be more wonderful — in fact, we're willing to take Briana and Katie on in the race to win his heart.

These ladies are both head-over-heels for Nev and his 5 o'clock shadow of perfection, and it looks like they're willing to fight for their man. On Twitter, obviously.

Here's what went down:

Nev made the mistake of tweeting "Actions speak louder than words. If you love someone, show them," to which Briana responded " what are u waiting for?" Oh, the hijinx! But then? Then Katie joined the conversation and tweeted "he is waiting for me," to which Briana responded "nev pls tell Katie were eloping!"

Ladies, there's a simple solution to this problem. It's called sister-wives. And Katie already lives in Utah, so all Nev and Briana need to do is hop on a plane and get cozy in one giant love shack! Actually wait, nevermind, Nev is totally destined to be with us.

Whoops, sorry guys!

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