Credit: Instagram

If you haven’t checked out Chelsea Houska’s killer new site,, we’re not exactly sure about your life plan. Homegirl has been bringing us the latest in stylin’ accessories and now she’s adding even more product to the page.

“Miss Aubree is helping me approve hair products for you guys are gonna love them! So excited,” Chelsea posted with a precious Instagram photo.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s fashion-forward daughter Aubree has had an active role in her site, and is working hand-in-hand with her mom to create the best looks.

In fact, Aubree’s set to have her own section on the site called “Aubree’s Cubby,” which will feature clothes and accessories for little girls.

We can’t wait to see what sort of trendy hair products Chels will post on the page. What about you? Have you bought any products from Chelsea’s Choices? Tell us below!