Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital for Appendix Surgery on July 22, 2013

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was taken to the hospital Monday night after experiencing prolonged pain and underwent emergency appendix-removal surgery.

Her boyfriend Nathan Griffith was there by her side and said that it wasn't the first time she had been experiencing pain in that area.

"She's been in pain for about a month and I suggested before that it could be her appendix," Nathan said. So I dropped her at the hospital before work. I told her to call me if you go into surgery so I could be there for her." 

That was very sweet of him, and from the looks of things, Jenelle will be just fine thanks to her man and some talented doctors. She's still resting at a North Carolina hospital and Nathan even posted a photo of her in bed with bandages on her tummy.

"Jenelle wanted me to post this. I feel so hopeless and I wish I could take her pain away... I'm sorry baby!" Nathan wrote from her Twitter account.

Jenelle should be released later today (Tuesday) if no further complications arise.

Get better soon, Jenelle, and keep that boy of yours. He's a keeper!

Source: Jenelle Evans on Twitter, Radar Online