Credit: Instagram

It was just a few short months ago that Teen Mom 2’s resident baby fashionista Aubree Houska hopped on Keek to say that she wants “long and long and long and long...” hairWell ladies and gents, it looks like the little tyke may be getting her wish!

“Picture from this morning … her hair is getting sooooo long!” Chelsea tweeted, with a photo of Aubree’s ever-growing blonde mane.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Chelsea Houska Takes Photo of Aubree's Hair Growth

Um, we’re totally envious of this kiddo’s Rapunzel-length hair, but can we blame her? Not only did her mother, Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska, pass along those “gorgeous hair” genes to her little diva, but thanks to Chelsea being a hairstylist-in-training, Aubree’s hair is sure to get all the much-needed care and attention it needs to grow.

But don't be too envious, now! Chel-Chel did say that she would be selecting hair care products (with Aubree’s help, of course) to add to their online store, Hopefully they’ll add something that can help us achieve Aubree’s Rapunzel-length locks!

Source: Twitter