Credit: Twitter

Jenelle Evans went through a serious rough patch last year when ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp got her hooked on heroin. But things are finally looking up for the 21-year-old Teen Mom 2 star, who swears she's been clean and sober since November 2012. Despite a slight setback after a run-in with the North Carolina police this past April (she and estranged husband Courtland Rogers were arrested for felony heroin possession and simple assault), Jenelle's managed to stay on the straight and narrow.

Credit: Twitter

However, some fans (read: haters) don't think Jenelley's telling the truth about her sobriety and the Teen Mom 2 star continues disproving them every chance she gets. Her latest piece of evidence? A letter penned by Courtland just one month prior to their dual arrest.

"I am so proud of you sweet pea," the handwritten note (dated March 21, 2013) reads. "You ARE SOBER!!!"

Jenelle posted a picture of the letter on Twitter to prove that she wasn't using drugs around the time she and Courtland were arrested for heroin possession. To this day she maintains that Courtland planted 12 bindles of the illegal opiate in her car, and her lawyer Dustin Sullivan told Wetpaint Entertainment he is confident the "truth will come out over time."

"Wowwwww, look what I found in my 'Day-By-Day' book I posted online before," Jenelle wrote on Twitter. "See even my ex KNEW I was sober."

Jenelle's also fighting rumors that her latest ER visit to have her appendix removed on July 23 was somehow drug related. Dustin dispelled those rumors yesterday, telling E! that his client is at home recovering and will appear in court on July 25 to face two separate misdemeanor charges.

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