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Teen Mom 3 is gearing up for its Season 1 debut Monday, August 26 and a few cast members have already started stirring up drama. Teen Mom Alexandria Sekella and baby daddy Matt McCann have been slinging accusations back and forth about each other and this latest one is a doozy.

During an "Ask Alexandria" session on, a reader asked Alex if Matt’s ever been high around their daughter, Arabella. The answer:

Yes he was high,” Alex answered, and continued “I kicked him out.

It’s pretty well known that Matt has a history of drug use, and his struggle with addiction will be a part of Alexandria’s story arc on Teen Mom 3. In the dramatic trailer, we even see Alex learn that he overdosed!

Matt has publicly insisted that he’s been clean and sober as of late and admits that he still has a long road ahead of him before he can be a better father to Bellie.

"I want what is best for my daughter so no s—t Im not going to walk into her life until Im stable,” Matt tweeted July 24.

We hope that Matt can fight his demons long enough to be a better father to Bellie — honestly, what parent can stay away from a kid that cute?