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Katie Yeager is about to explode onto the TV scene when Teen Mom 3 premieres on August 26, but her adorable daughter Molli isn’t one to let her momma hog the spotlight. The little gal has been making huge strides since birth, but this week, Katie gave a major update.

“Molli touched my face today and said, ‘Beautiful’...” Katie tweeted to her adoring fans. That’s right, Katie’s little one is talking already! After a tough split with her baby daddy and ex-fiancé Joey Maes (he cheated on her with a childhood friend!), we’re so happy for this strong single mom. We haven’t stopped weeping ever since. We’re seriously worried that the tears are going to rust our belly piercings.

“That word has never meant more to me. #blessed,” the proud momma continued to gush to her legions of fans. And apparently that’s not all Molli says. Katie went on to share her chatty baby’s very embarrassing habit.

"Molli's new thing is going up to strangers, pointing at them, and saying ‘You farted.’” LOL! Looks like Katie has a little troublemaker on her hands!

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