Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Bentley Celebrate July 4th

We know that Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout has one talented son — at 4 years old, Bentley Edwards is already a motocross wunderkind riding dirt tracks and picking up sponsors! But even though this kid is built tough, there are somethings that even Benny can’t do.

In a hilarious Keek video, mama Maci puts her son Bentley through the Warheads challenge. In case you don’t know, Warheads are super sour candies that are almost unbearable to eat. Maci gave her son Bentley the candy, and the result? Check out the funny video below!

As you can see, Benny From the Block could hardly tolerate the candy. After the first taste, Benny spits the candy out, and after a second try he even starts to scratch his tongue! The young guy gives the sour candy a lick when his mom tells him that it gets sweet, but ultimately makes several goofy faces and a “yuck” when he tries it one last time.

Looks like we’ve found one kid who’s said “no” to candy!

Have you ever failed the Warhead challenge? Tell us below!

Source: Keek