Credit: Instagram Photo: Adam Lind, Girlfriend Taylor Halbur, and Daughter Aubree Houska Go to the Zoo

What could be cuter than Teen Mom 2 baby daddy Adam Lind hanging out with his daughter Aubree? Adam hanging with Aubree and his super pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, of course!

The little trio (technically quartet) made a trip a recent trip to the local zoo where Adam and Aubree got to spend some much-needed daddy and daughter time, while Taylor snapped photos of the two having fun. In one photo, we see Aubree and her pops checking out the monkeys, and in another we got to see Aubree stretch her diva wings and sit on daddy’s shoulders. Because when you’re Aubree Houska, who has time for walking when you have a studly dad to carry you around all day.

Credit: Instagram

Taylor is due to pop out her kiddo (Adam’s second baby girl) in just a few short weeks, so we can imagine that the three decided to have a fun outing before baby Lind makes her big entrance into the world — and takes up all of her parents’ time.

We can only hope that Adam and Taylor continue to make time for outings with Aubree and the new baby, when she comes. We’d totally love to see pics of Aubree hanging with her baby sis!

Source: Instagram/Instagram