Credit: Twitter

Ladies and Gents, prepare your bodies. Teen Mom 2 jailbird husband Courtland Rogers is a free man and has officially returned to the wonderful world of Twitter. Oh, and Courty is totally back with a vengeance.

Credit: Twitter

After being locked up in jail for over 100 days, thanks to his April 23 arrest for drug possession and simple assault, Courty copped a plea deal and is now free to roam the streets of North Carolina. And it’s pretty obvious that Courtland’s new objectives in life are to stay sober, work on his relationship with his daughter, Jordan (JaJa), be a great boyfriend to his new gal pal, Ashley Meeks, and oh yeah — send estranged wife Jenelle Evans an onslaught of hate-filled tweets.

“I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” tweeted Courty on his first night back to Twitter. When Courty was done thanking everyone for their support, he had some pretty choice words for his ex, stating“@PBandJenelley_1 I hate you! Goodbye. !!!!!!!!!”

Oh, and it gets better. Courtland then asserts that Jenelle is the reason behind his prison sentence, and asks her for a divorce.

“@pbandjenelley_1 sad u got to try n make the innocent 1 in this marriage look like crap live! just to get people to watch ur Stankin ass smh” Courtland tweetedadding “@pbandjenelley_1 I want a DIVORCE !!! RIGHT NOW!! Sunday or not dammit get on the phone and talk to your cop friends make this happen.”

But Courty’s Twitter feed hasn’t been a total Jenelle bash fest. He’s taken time out to acknowledge the new lady in his life (while Jenelley’s been shacked up with her new guy, Nathan Griffith), post photos of post-jail hangouts, make plans for the future, and let the world know that drinking chocolate milk curbs his nicotine cravings.

Oh Courtland, how we missed you.