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It looks like Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska is taking her bikini body seriously this summer. On July 28, she went all out for a bike ride with a super-fit friend. Chelsea’s been on a serious health kick and it seems like cycling is a healthy new hobby for her. We think it’s great for the single mom to channel her energy into something so beneficial when she’s not busy creating fabulous hairstyles for lucky South Dakotans.

Our girl has gotten into healthy cooking, too. On July 29, she spotted a “sexy a — man” while stocking up on good-for-you groceries at Pomegranate Market, a Sioux Falls health food store, and it seems like she put her new healthy ingredients to the test that very same day.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska Makes a Healthy Snack of Kale Chips

“Made some kale chips...even Aubree liked them :)” Chels Instagrammed later that day along with a pic of her yummy creation.

We’re super proud of Chelsea for making a commitment to being the healthiest she can be, and we’re even more impressed that she is including her daughter in her efforts. It looks like molecular gastronomy (you can Google it) expert Farrah Abraham has some competition on her hands. We can’t wait to see what yummy dishes Chef Chels whips up next! Maybe she’ll consider opening up an all-in-one vegan restaurant and hair salon in her home town.

Highlights and healthy grub? We’d be the first in line.

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