Credit: David Becker/Getty Images

Is Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham pregnant again at 22 years old? No way — but according to a July 31 tweet, she’s looking for ladies who are. The momtrepreneur and all around liberated woman (have you seen that sex tape?) is taking a break from her busy summer of sexpos to help out with the casting of a new show, Single & Pregnant in the City.

According to the show’s casting site, which has a pretty glam animation of some sexy clubbing preggo ladies showing off their baby bumps, the producers are searching for “pregnant, single women who are embracing their independence, redefining social norms, and proving that having a baby is so much more than a woman’s duty.”

Unlike Teen Mom, production is looking for women who are 24 or older and “perhaps still dating” to star in a love and relationship docu-series about women becoming mothers on their own terms. Applicants have to answer questions like “what’s the most outrageous behavior you’ve exhibited since becoming pregnant?” and “does your pregnancy interfere with your dating life?”

If you ask us, it seems like producers are looking for drama! Those mamas-to-be who are successfully chosen could earn $8,000 for their stories, and possibly achieve Farrah-level fame!

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Source: Twitter/Single & Pregnant in the City