Credit: Instagram

Even though Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is over her estranged hubby, Courtland Rogers, it looks like Jenelle’s son, Jace, isn’t. In a new Vine video, the 4-year-old birthday boy asks his mom if her ex is still in jail!

“Is he in jail?” Jace asks his mom during their car ride. When Jenelle and new boyfriend Nathan Griffith (who we assume is driving the car) ask Jace “Who?” the tyke promptly responds “Courtland.”

The couple instantly laugh before his mama tells her son, “No, he’s out.”

Courtland Rogers was released from jail around July 28 after copping a plea deal (for charges stemming from his April 23 arrest) and instantly hopped on Twitter to announce that he was back. Looks like Jenelley’s little boy didn’t get the memo.

While Jenelle and Nathan may have found the incident funny, it looks like the little guy was genuinely interested in Courtland's whereabouts, seeing as Courty is technically his stepdad.

Maybe Courtland will call the little guy and wish him a happy birthday!

Source: Twitter/Vine