Credit: Instagram Photo: Ryan Edwards Takes Maci Bookout and Bentley For Mother's Day

We know there are plenty of Teen Mom fans out there just waiting for our favorite redhead Maci Bookout to reunite with her studly baby daddy Ryan Edwards (and secretly, we’re one of them!). And even though we know that Maci is completely head-over-chucks in love with her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, there will always be a smidgen of hope for a Maci/Ryan reunion — especially when Ryan continues to send his baby mama racy tweets!

It all started when Maci took to Twitter and tweeted, “id do almost anything for a bowl of chocolate ice cream right now” on August 1. Side note: Maci, we completely understand the struggle.

As luck would have it, Ryan was also on Twitter around the same time and decided to tweet this little nugget at his ginger baby mama:

@MaciBookoutMTV  anything!?

Maci brushed off Ryan’s silly response and hopefully got herself a tub of icecream. But this isn’t the first time that Ryan’s been flirty with his former flame on the Internet. At one point, the gun-toting motocrosser even asked Maci to marry him! And while Maci declined, we’re still going to keep our “Maci + Ryan 4 Eva” shrine hidden in the back of our closet.

Do you think Maci and Ryan should shack up again? Tell us your thoughts below!  

Source: Twitter