It’s a tough task following Farrah Abraham and her D-Cup girls around these days, but one woman has been closely monitoring the porn princess’s latest actions with disgust — Sophia’s grandmother, Stormie Clark.

In case you need a refresher, Stormie is the mother of Sophia’s late father Derek Underwood. Derek tragically died in a car accident before Sophia was born, and Stormie has been trying to spend time with her granddaughter ever since.

Back in 2010, Stormie sued for visitation rights saying that Fare Bear never brought little Soph around to play, but ultimately the court ruled in Farrah’s favor.

Now that Farrah has exposed all of herself to America, Grandma Stormie is horrified that Sophia is still in the porn star’s care.

She spoke with InTouch Magazine in this week’s issue about her granddaughter’s needs.

“My heart breaks because Farrah hasn’t been focused on Sophia’s needs for a while now,” Stormie said. “[Farrah] should be getting her daughter ready for kindergarten and teaching her the ABCs. Instead, [she’s] stripping at clubs and selling her porn video. She is all about fame and always will be.”

And three years after she sued for visitation rights, Stormie is ready to take full custody of Farrah’s “boo boo.”

“I would gladly take Sophia,” she said. “What’s going on makes me sick.”

We do admit that being on Team Farrah has been a bit tough lately, what with the DUI, rehab, porn career, stripper pics, and awkwardly staged photoshoots, but we don’t know that this relatively absent grandmother is best for Sophia either.

Do you think Derek’s mother should take care of Sophia? Tell us below!

Source: InTouch