Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska is beyond gorgeous at any weight, but there's no denying that girlfriend looks smokin' hot now that she's shed a few pounds.

Like all mommies, this starlet gained weight during her pregnancy and had some trouble dropping it after giving birth to her adorable daughter, Aubree. But thanks to healthy eating and a new workout regime (kickboxing, anyone?), Chelsea is a shadow of her former self!

Credit: Instagram

While the rest of us spent Summer 2013 binge eating pizza and gearing up for Teen Mom 3, Chelsea spent her time slimming down, and the results are amazing. Check out this gal's most recent selfie— not only is she rocking a teeny-tiny denim jacket (seriously, how is she fitting into that thing?!), her stomach is flat as a pancake.

Jaws = dropped.

We're dying to see Chelsea to pull a Jenelle Evans and show off her toned body in a bikini, but sadly this professional beautician just isn't into displaying her ample assets for the world to see. Sigh!

What do you think of Chelsea's dramatic poundage loss? Sound off in the comments — and while you're at it, hit up Chel-Chel's Twitter and ask her to share some slim down secrets. We want to get in on her weight-loss action! But we also want to eat hot dogs … our lives are so hard.