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Kailyn Lowry is goin' to the chapel and she's gonna get married to the man of her dreams! This Teen Mom 2 beauty is tying the knot to Javi Marroquin on September 21, and you know what that means. She gets to have one more night of thrills before she's locked down for life! Of course, Kailyn's already married to Javi (they got hitched in a courthouse ceremony), but whatever. It's a mere technicality.

Credit: Instagram

This gal had an off-the-wall bachelorette bash with her best friends on August 16, and obviously their entire soiree was penis-themed. Not only did Kailyn drink out of a penis-shaped straw, she wore a giant fluffy headband with two man-appendages protruding out of it like ears. Good, NSFW times.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, Kailyn most definitely enjoyed a strip tease from a bunch of burly, half naked men. In fact, she and her besties, Christina Pietrobon, Kimberly René and Taylor Stryker, hit up Mount Airy Casino in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, for a sexy show with Thunder Down Under. Which is the best name for a fleet of strippers ever, by the way.

It looks like Kail had a blast with her gal pals, but let's not forget that this starlet is pregnant with her second child. Chances are she didn't get too wild and crazy at her bachelorette party thanks to the bun in her oven, but hey –– even preggo girls just wanna have fun!

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