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Maci Bookout's MTV special, Being Maci, was nothing short of dramalicious — and we're not just talking about Maci's flirty relationship with Ryan Edwards. This gal is living the fab life, and when she isn't partying up a storm in the "Treehouse" with her besties, she's busy being the world's best mom. And speaking of Maci's mommy duties, it looks like this gal has some pretty controversial parenting techniques.

Maci was shown spanking her son, Bentley, during her special, and while she wasn't physically hurting him, many fans have taken issue with the decision. Spanking is generally viewed as an outdated parenting technique that damages self-esteem and shows children that violence solves problems, but Maci insists that she's doing nothing wrong.

"im gonna catch a bunchaaa sh— for spanking bentley...." she tweeted during Being Maci. "#parenting."

Yep, pretty much. However, Maci isn't backing down — no matter how many fans voice concern about spanking. "I got my spanked as a kid for being a brat when i knew better." Maci explained to her Twitter followers, "So questioning this is questioning my parents and i take offense to that."

Maci grew up to be an amazing mother despite her parent's decision to spank her, but do you think she should follow in their footsteps and spank Bentley? Head to the comments and tell us whether or not Maci's making a mistake by spanking her kiddo!

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