Credit: Facebook Photo: Mackenzie Douhit Marries Josh McKee on August 17, 2013

It's official, y'all! Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is a married woman, and she's ready to start livin' it up Oklahoma-style with her bull-riding hubby, Josh McKee. Mackenzie and Josh tied the knot on August 17 in Pittsburg, Kansas, and the happy couple are currently on their honeymoon!

To be honest, we're shocked Mackenzie was able to peel herself out of the jaw-dropping gown she wore to her ceremony without going blind from rhinestone overload, but apparently homegirl managed to get out of Kansas in one piece. And now she and Josh are having the time of their lives on honeymoon in Missouri! 

Credit: Instagram Photo: Mackenzie Douthit's Husband Josh McKee on Their Honeymoon

Mackenzie and Josh can't get too crazy thanks to the fact that Mackenzie's currently pregnant with her second child, but it appears as though she and Josh are having loads of fun. Not only did they pose next to some strange old-timey saloon (we think? maybe?), they frolicked in a giant bubble bath (yes, please, shirtless Josh), and took a trip to Silver Dollar City amusement park!

Also, it appears as though Josh got a little handsy on the rollercoaster and grabbed Mackenzie's lovely lady lump. Control your urges, buddy — that's what the honeymoon suite is for!

Make sure to send your congratulations Mackenzie and Josh's way — and with any luck Mackenzie will post a few more shirtless "morning after" pictures of Josh to the internets!