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Do you ever think to yourself, "Le sigh, my life would be so much better if I was talking to Teen Mom's Maci Bookout on the phone instead of binge eating cheese puffs"? Well today just might be your lucky day. Maci's always had a close relationship with her fans, and she's taking things to the next level by chatting to a few lucky ladies and gents on the phone!

So, how can you talk to Maci — aka your personal guru? Easy. This ginger bombshell is currently getting her do-gooder on as an ambassador for The Kidney Foundation of Chattanooga, and she wants you to help out her cause!

Maci hopes to raise $5,000 for The Kidney Cares Program, which provides clothing, diapers, formula and other goods to children of parents diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disorder. Maci's already rounded up more than $3k, and she's rewarding fans who donate with an over-the-phone chat sesh!

"Let's talk live!" Maci tweeted on August 20. "Donate $25 to the Kidney Foundation, Include your email, and I'll call to thank you personally!!"

Wait a sec — we can give to a great cause and be rewarded with a call from Miss Bookout? Talk about a win-win!

Will you give to The Kidney Cares program? Hit the comments and tell us what you're planning to say when Maci calls you!

Source: First Giving / Twitter