Credit: Instagram

Jenelle Evans may have just dyed her hair burgundy, but please. It's a well-established fact that Maci Bookout is Teen Mom's resident ginger, and she just took things to a whole new level of red hot!

Maci's been sporting orange-tinted locks of love this summer, but apparently her luscious tresses just weren't potent enough. Which is why she headed back to the salon for a touch-up!

Credit: Instagram

Check out Maci's new and improved red hair — not only does it look like she's added in a few extensions, we're seeing about 50 shades of ginger up in that mess of curls!

"My hair stylist is a boss…" Maci posted to Instagram along with a photo of her new look. "She makes my ginger hair so badass."

Yes, yes she does.

Maci got her new 'do right in time for her upcoming trip to Las Vegas, and we have a feeling her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, will flip when he sees it. Sure, the new style isn't quite as amazing as that one time Maci dyed her hair black and white like Cruella De Vil, but hey. Life can't always be perfect.

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Source: Instagram