Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Farrah Abraham Parties in Florida

Farrah Abraham might be on probation thanks to that one awkward time that she got arrested for a DUI on St. Patrick's Day (we blame the leprechauns), but that hasn't stopped her from partying up a storm! Let's not forget that Farrah's in the midst of a cross-country strip club tour, and she just can't resist the call of the hookah.

This Teen Mom-turned-porn star made an appearance at Off The Hookah in Fort Lauderdale on August 24, and her experience was totally off-the-hook(ah). Not only did Farrah cozy up with fans (read: fans of porn), she took a few drags from a glorified bong and uttered this musing on Twitter, "Hookahhhh poppin off!!"

Farrah was thrilled to be back in the Sunshine State (where she attended culinary school) and even took it to Keek to express her enthusiasm. "Hey everyone, I'm in Florida, if you haven't heard I'm going to be appearing at Off THe Hookah tonight," she declared while we ogled at her bedazzled dress. "So golden goddesses, come out look at me tonight. OWWWWWWW."

OWWWWWWW indeed, Farrah. We're thrilled that this gal had such a great time lounging around Florida, though her subsequent antics on Fort Lauderdale's sandy beaches has definitely traumatized us. Spoiler alert: she wore a pair of bikini bottoms with a giant tongue on them.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

Source: Twitter / Keek