Credit: Twitter

These days Jenelle Evans carries a giant piece of man candy around by the name of Nathan Griffith. Even though this part-time underwear model seems pretty buff, we’ve never seen him get violent.

Now, thanks to some coaxing from his lady love, Nathan is about to throw some punches! But don’t worry, it’s all for his epic return to MMA fighting.

“So I really want to do something big again  and @PBandJenelley_1 convinced me to start fighting again. First fight is 10/26. Training time!” Nathan tweeted on August 25.

If you ask us, this guy already looks pretty fit, but if more training means bigger biceps, who are we to object?

Jenelley just loves her bulky stud, and we can’t blame her. Nathan is one of Little J’s first boyfriends who actually seems to want to keep our girl on the straight and narrow.

Sure, she had that minor slip up when she failed a drug test, landing her in jail for 48 hours, but everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.

Are you excited for Nathan’s triumphant return to MMA fighting? Or should Jenelle’s boyfriend try a safer hobby? Tell us below!