Credit: Instagram

Remember when Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree was just a wee little baby with cherubic cheeks and angelic eyes? Seems like just yesterday! This adorable kiddo has grown leaps and bounds since she made her debut on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and her latest milestone has us OMG-ing in disbelief.

Credit: Instagram

You guessed it, Aubree's going to preschool! Can you believe how fast this little lady has grown up?! Chelsea dropped her darling daughter off for her first day at Pre-K on August 29, and took a sweet picture to commemorate the event. First of all, Aubs looks like the perfect combination of her mom and her dad, Adam Lind. Second of all, she has the best fashion ever. Where can we get her sweet floral sundress in adult size?

Chelsea must be feeling all kinds of emotional about taking Aubree to preschool, especially because it also happens to be her 22nd birthday. Chances are she wants to spend the day paling around with her mini me, but hey — kids have to learn their ABCs at some point, right?And we have no doubt that Aubree and Chelsea will eat some b-day cake once Aubree's finished up at school!

Do you think Aubree looks more like her mom or her dad in this picture? Either way, there's no denying that she's a gorgeous kid!

Source: Instagram