Credit: Twitter

In case you aren't aware (in which case prepare to weep tears of sadness), Gary Shirley has a girlfriend. Yep, this Teen Mom sweetheart is off the market and he's currently dating an international woman of mystery. Of course, Gary is also in the midst of a passionate love affair with pumpkin loaves, cheesecake, and something terrifying known as "puppy chow," all of which he makes in his home kitchen and sells for cash money.

Credit: Twitter

We still have no idea who Gary is dating (secrets, secrets are no fun, buddy), but she sounds like a winner. This gal fully supports Gary's double life as a professional chef, and she recently dropped over $400 buying him a full set of stainless steel cookware!

"Just received a special present in the mail from my girl friend!" Gary tweeted on September 4 along with a picture of his new chef swag.

Gary is a hard man to please, and it appears as though he would have preferred non-stick pans. Geez, lady, get it right!

"The good news is I can return them for 100 % refund," he mused. "If stuff sticks. Because I have stainless steel now no problems."

Thank goodness, now we can sleep at night. Also, is it just us or does Gary have a weird addiction to returning gifts? Remember when he bought Amber Portwood an engagement ring at Walmart and asked about the return policy? Good times.

Also, we live in hope that Gary has stopped using Saran Wrap in the place of condoms. We know he loves kitchen supplies, but no. Just no.