The Teen Moms love to voice their worldly opinions about love, friendship, and — this week — urine (you're welcome), so thank goodness for a little thing called Twitter. Check out our roundup of the most OMG tweets of the week!

1. Briana Dejesus shares a harrowing tale: "I woke up this morning w/ gum all over my leg.......ask me how that happened?? I don't kno lol."

"We've all been there," said no one.

2. Katie Yeager dishes some advice: "Everyone just needs to stop being so mean to each other and watch some Netflix."

Words to live by.

3. Jenelle Evans overshares: "I gotta pee. #StoryOfMyLife."

Thanks for the update, friend!

4. Farrah Abraham frolics around The City of Angels: "I feel like #Barbie today in #LA ;)"

Insert obligatory plastic surgery joke here.

5. Chelsea Houska reaches a milestone: "I just burped/sang 'you can stand under my umbrella' all in one burp and I'm pretty proud of myself for that."

No words for this beautiful sentence.