Credit: MTV

We've learned so many life lessons from MTV's Teen Mom franchise. For example, it's totally cool for a two-year-old to ride a four-wheeler, first dates should always take place in an alligator swamp, and — most importantly — when you have a baby, you have to baby proof!

Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus realized just how important it is to keep her kiddo in a safe environment during September 9's episode of Teen Mom 3, and she decided to hire a baby-proofing company to hit up her home. Safety first, y'all!

Now, you might think Briana's baby daddy, Devoin Austin II, would cough up a few benjamins for the safety of his own darling daughter, but nope. Not so much. Despite promising that he'd chip in, Devoin never came up with the money — and Briana recently took it to Internet to call her sexy exy out for not paying his fair share.

"FYI: he never paid half of his share for child proofing!" she tweeted. "HOW SAD #TEENMOM3."

Yikes! It's like this dude is trying to win a Deadbeat Daddy of the Year award! While we know coming up with extra cash can be hard when you're a teen, Devoin should be more responsible with his money so he can help Briana out with childcare expenses. This gal's mom, Roxanne, ended up having to pay for the baby-proofing service — which is hardly what she signed up for!

Are you dissapointed in Devoin? Weigh in below!

Source: Twitter