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Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is getting hitched to her pouty-lipped airman husband, Javi Marroquin, on September 21 — and you know what that means! The time for bachelor and bachelorette parties is upon us. Kailyn already celebrated her risque soiree with a night full of penis-shaped headbands and strippers (good times!), so we can only imagine that Javi's bash will be wilder than wild. We're thinking The Hangover, only — you know — in Delaware.

So, what does Javi's wild night consist of so far? A fleet of men in tight-fitting spandex slapping each other on the butt — aka football!

"Going to the eagles game for my bachelor party next Thursday…" Javi tweeted on September 10. "Afterwards though…"

It's no surprise that Javi's supporting the Philadelphia Eagles (after all, he's from Pennsylvania), but we're wondering what this hunk and his homies are getting up to after the game. Let's not forget that Javi and Kailyn are technically already married, so he's definitely off-the-market when it comes to strippers, lap dances, and gentleman's clubs!

Then again, how will Javi be able to resist dropping in on Farrah Abraham during her whirlwind tour of strip clubs around the USofA?! She's everyone's "go-to public figure" for a reason, guys.

Do you think Javi should have strippers at his bachelor bash, or is that crossing the line? Weigh in below!

Source: Twitter