Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans apparently wanted to express her love for new boyfriend Nathan Griffith in the most permanent of ways — and we’re not talking about wedding rings.

The reality star recently got yet another tattoo, this one in honor of her 27-year-old boyfriend. The tatt, which Nathan also got, is an ambigram that reads “Jenelle” one way and “Nathan” the other way.

“Jenelle really has fallen hard for Nathan and he feels the same way about her,” a source told about the couple’s decision to get matching tattoos. “She was totally excited the day she got the tattoo and she’s ready for everyone to see how much she loves him.

Nathan isn’t the only one of Jenelle’s men who’s been inked in her honor. Jenelle’s ex-hubby Courtland Rogers had her name tattooed on his chest only to get it covered up after the couple’s messy breakup. Here’s hoping Nathan’s “Jenelle” tattoo won’t need “altercations” a few months down the line!